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The Road Home To You

May 29, 2018

This week's great adventure: why should we even go to church?

Matt and Brandy explore several reasons why the act of being in regular church is important to our spiritual growth. But before we can know why we should be there, they first give us the run-down on why so many people aren't there.

It's an honest look at what's keeping people from entering into our churches and the very real implications of missing out on corporate worship and fellowship.

Join Matt and Brandy for Part 1 of a 2-part series. Next week will be looking at finding a healthy church.

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In this episode:

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1 Corinthians 12:18-27
Proverbs 7:17
Acts 2:42-47

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Intro and Outro Music: "The Long Road Home" Written by Brandy J. Goebel, Arrangement by James Swanson, Performed by James Page; copyright 2018