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The Road Home To You

Nov 19, 2019

It's time for another moment of respite in our journey towards Home. This week we find ourselves resting in Psalm 7 and 8 where David first laments as he is being slandered and pursued by his enemy and then in Psalm 8 he rejoices at God's majesty and concern for His people.

In our highs or lows, God is still God. He is still on His throne. And He alone is God.

Our prayer this week is that you would see God moving mightily in your life, whether you are being defamed and crying out for Him to fight for you or you are seeing His glory in all directions.

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Reading from the New American Standard Bible is used by permission from The Lockman Foundation.

Special thanks to the 126ers for the use of their song "Rainy Sundays" as the intro and outro.

This episode was recorded, edited and produced in Sandy, Oregon. 2019. All rights reserved.