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The Road Home To You

Aug 21, 2018

This week Brandy gives a picture of Jesus' long trek on the road to Calvary. Even if you know the story of Jesus' crucifixion, this is an episode you want to hear. It's a love story like no other and it may just change your life. 

At the conclusion of the episode, Brandy introduces a special musical appearance by her dad, Jim Page. This song was recorded in their garage studio in the '80s, so the sound quality isn't the best, but the message is good. 

For show notes, a full transcript or to link to any of their social media, you can go to the website.

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Intro Music: "The Long Road Home" Written by Brandy J. Goebel, Arrangement by James Swanson, Performed by James Page. Copyright 2018.

Outro Music: "The Man on Calvary" Written, arranged and performed by Jim Page. Copyright 2018.