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The Road Home To You

Aug 28, 2018

Join Matt and Brandy for a road trip in this final episode of their Summer mini-series, "Lessons from the Road."

They talk about some of the lessons they both learned while on separate road trips, including why your traveling buddies matter and how to overcome road trip disappointment.  

This episode was recorded on the...

Aug 21, 2018

This week Brandy gives a picture of Jesus' long trek on the road to Calvary. Even if you know the story of Jesus' crucifixion, this is an episode you want to hear. It's a love story like no other and it may just change your life. 

At the conclusion of the episode, Brandy introduces a special musical appearance by her...

Aug 14, 2018

In Matt's final installment of our summer mini-series, we take a look at the story of Abraham's obedience, fueled by faith, as God asks him to make the ultimate sacrifice. What blessings will follow when we do what God asks?

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Aug 7, 2018

Life is busy and full of distraction. It's easy to lose focus on exactly why we're here and what we're meant to be doing. 

Join Brandy this week as she takes a look at a side trip that Jesus took through Samaria where he met a woman at a well and turned her life upside-down. Are you living like you're on mission?