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The Road Home To You

Feb 25, 2020

Joy in the midst of suffering. That's what David, as the Psalmist, shows us time and time again. When all is going well, David sings his praises to the Lord. When he is feeling pressed by his enemies, He cries out to God reminding himself of God's promises and His faithfulness to deliver. 

Whether you are on the mountain-top of life or feeling crushed by the weight of the world, you have a great defender, a God who will respond to your cries and be glorified in your praise.


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Special thanks to the 126er's for the use of their song, "Rainy Sundays" as our intro and outro.

The New American Standard Bible is used by permission from The Lockman Foundation.

This episode was recorded, edited, and produced at 4G's Studios in Sandy, Oregon. 2020. All rights reserved.