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The Road Home To You

Jan 7, 2020

The holidays are over. The new year looms ahead.

With your goals and resolutions set, are you already finding yourself falling off the bandwagon? Are the post-holiday blues still keeping you in a fog of sadness and adrenaline let down?

Let's take a minute to stop, take a deep breath and hear what the psalmist, David, has to say to God. Do you ear your own heart's cry? Call upon the Lord and he will hear you. Cry out to him, and he will be your guide.

Remember, The Road Home to You is going through some construction work right now so we'll be staying in the Psalms for the next month or so. There is work happening behind the scenes and we are excited to bring you new content with new guests. Please keep downloading the weekly Psalms. 


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Special thanks to the 126'ers for the use of their song, "Rainy Days" as our intro and outro.

The New American Standard Bible used in permission with The Lockman Foundation.

This episode was recorded, edited and produced at 4G's Studios in Sandy Oregon. 2020. All rights reserved.