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The Road Home To You

Feb 19, 2019

We've all been in pain at one time or another. But for some, pain is a regular part of their everyday life. There is no escape. There is no cure. There are only degrees of how bad the pain may be from hour to hour.

This week, Teresa Page-Ayala returns to discuss her own battle with chronic pain and the ways that has shaped her faith and her ministry. 

Chronic pain is on the rise. Tune in to hear one woman's story and learn how you may be able to help someone you care about.

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Special thanks to James Swanson and James Page for their help on our theme song, "The Long Road Home" written by Brandy J. Goebel. Copyright 2018.

Recorded on location in Seaside, Or. Edited and produced by Brandy J. Goebel at 4Gs Studios in Sandy, Or. 2019.