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The Road Home To You

Nov 5, 2018

We all want to leave an inheritance for our children. Maybe a hefty stash left in the bank or a collection of well-strategized stocks and bonds. Perhaps a family heirloom passed down from generations back. 

But what if we could leave them something more? And what if we could see the dividends while we were still alive?

Join me, Brandy, with a very special guest this week, my mom. 

I had the honor of opening up our studio and interviewing the woman who's had the most profound effect on my life. Really, it was more of a conversation that started one way, then we focused in on leaving a legacy of faith with your children. 

We talked about how she met Jesus and the journey that took our whole family on as well as the differences between her upbringing and mine and the one our children are currently experiencing. 

Come, meet my mom. I think she's pretty great and I think you'll like her, too.